Time Saver

I have tried every year not to copy and paste reports but it took ages. This programme gave me 32 different reports in minutes and if I wanted to change it, it’s a click of a button. Excellent, would use this again.

V Ashworth

Report Generator

I have just completed 16 reports in 17 and half minutes nearly 1 minute a report. Thank you for creating such a fantastic programme.

Happy Maths Teacher, Liverpool

Report Generator

The main thing we don’t have as teachers is time, and when reports come along on your to-do list, you want a quick and efficient way of getting that job done, and this system does just that.

Mr P Hughes, Mathematics Teacher

Report Generator

Oh my god I LOVE THIS!!!

I can’t pick a fault with it, I think the reports sound personal too which is exactly what you want. I like that it can regenerate incase your not 100%.

Mrs H Rose, History Teacher

Report Generator

It’s a really impressive tool and saves a tonne of hassle. I showed a colleague the generated report and she commented on how ‘real’ it looked. It doesn’t look generated at all, very articulate and it flows. I then noticed that if you click on it more than once it gives you an alt version. Very nice!

Mr W Hughes

Relaxed, Private Tutor

The wealth of lessons in Maths Kingdom provides my tutees with excellent knowledge & practice of their mathematical skills.

Happy Teacher, Liverpool

I use all the lessons Maths kingdom has to offer, in all my lessons. I now have my weekends free to spend with my family. I could not thank you enough.

Very pleased pupil

With the help of Maths Kingdom I successfully achieved a C grade 1 year early in year 10.



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