We offer resources for topics covered in KS3-KS4 ( years 7-11).

Benefits for schools

All lessons are interacitve, with step by step mathematical calculations explained with mathematical language.

The questions assigned to each lesson offer instant feedback, allowing students to self assess. In more complicated calculations step by step answers are shown to help with self assessment or peer assessment.

Cutting down on the marking for the classroom teacher allowing quality time to be spent in writing constructive feed back to pupils to help highlight their strengths and weakness es.

Allows the teacher more time during the lesson to circulated amongst pupils to push the more able, offer support to the less able and keep students on track.

You can differentiate every lesson to students …. Teaching the same lesson to many levels but using different number values.

Cut down on planning and preparation time. Lessons are already prepared for you with the associated question resource allowing pupils to be assessed on what they have just been taught. Allowing the classroom teacher to give instant feedback and target the pupils who have not understood the concepts of the lesson.

All lessons will be standard through out the department allowing consistency through out mathematics. This will ease the pressure of students moving sets.

As all the lessons have a standard layout students will know were to find the level or grade that they are working at each lesson.

What your membership will offer you

you will have access to all our interactive lessons for topics covered by the national curriculum

Benefits for pupils

Access to lessons on mathematical topics covered by the national curriculium

You will have access to mathematical questions based on the topic you have just learnt .

You will be given instant feedback to all the questions you answer with the more complicated questions having a step by step solution.