Chart New

The training is well delivered and very easy to understand. The trainer relates it to actual examples when the data could be used and brings the training to life.

Gayle Clare


Very Useful, hoping to use within usual working documents.

John Whipp

Sumif(), if(), vlookup()

Found the course extremely useful – Most I have never used before.

Managed to pick up well due to course information/presentation/teaching – Thanks again πŸ™‚


Jamie Rogerson

Sum if / if / VLookup

Thank you, I finally understand vlook ups!!!! Amazing explanations and patience.

Faye Foster

Conditional Formatting

Really Helpful Course

Would use it in day to day working life and the way it was taught stage by stage really helped me as I was quite slow picking it up and needed the practice

Instructor was well prepared and approachable and we were able to ask any questions which she was able to answer and she helped us on spreadsheets we currently use

Great Course

Leanne Ratcliffe

Chart New

I think this course is very good and I’ve learnt how to change all aspects of charts, but more importantly learnt how to ensure they are relevant in capturing the correct data and not wasting space.

David Murgatroyd

Data Validation.

Everything has gone great and i am constantly learning with each session. The hour lasted for 1 hour and was well structured.

Reece Sturdy

Data Validation

Very clear and concise, thank you again.


Conditional Formatting and Formula Auditing

I found these courses very useful. Lauren was able to help with any questions I had. The presentations were easy to understood and follow.

Casey Williams


very well presented & informative

Formula Auditing

Well structured and informative course


David Kendrick

Formula Auditing

Course was great!!

Sean Davies

Data Validation and Count

The presentation was very easy to understand and follow. Lauren made sure not to rush anything and went through everything in lots of detail until everyone understood.

Casey Williams

odd even maths

Bidmas /Bodmas…who knew!!?? Thank you


Formula Auditing

Good course, well formatted and helpful worksheets.

Chris Hawes

Odds, Evens & Maths.

A great course as always. Learning constantly each time i attend the training courses and they are proving invaluable within my working environment.

Reece Sturdy

Formula Auditing

Easy to follow, well presented course and very informative

Sean Murphy

Odds Evens Maths

The course was great, well presented and i learnt a lot of useful excel skills!

Sean Davies

Vlook up & Formula Auditing

Course was really good and helpful

was able to ask any questions and all queries we had were answered

was very well structured


Leanne Ratcliffe


well presented and informative


David Kendrick


very good course clearly showing the chart functions in excel. well delivered and helpful.

barney dawson

Protection / Vlookup / Charts

Great Course, Great Trainer, very informative. Well run course. Will definitely attend more courses on offer.

Juliet Williams

IF, Sum if and V Look up

Good, explained and delivered well.

Paul Doyle

Chart New

The chart class was well presented and I now fully understand how to set a chart up in for work!

Sean Davies


Very Useful, hoping to use within usual working documents.

John Whipp


Yes very interesting course, good timing, not too much information well prepared and easy to follow presentation.

Chris Hawes


Very Useful, hoping to use within usual working documents.

John Whipp

Sumif, if, Vlookup

I’ve really enjoyed all courses that I have attended and have left feeling so much more confident with excel. Lauren explains things so clearly and always puts things into a context that we understand. The examples and work books we use are really useful and really help to get in some practice of formulas and how we would use them in a real situation.

Katy Morgan


Great Course was well organised and we were slow to go through it so we all understood

Felt comfortable to ask any questions and any questions we did have were answered

Leanne Ratcliffe

Time Saver

I have tried every year not to copy and paste reports but it took ages. This programme gave me 32 different reports in minutes and if I wanted to change it, it’s a click of a button. Excellent, would use this again.

V Ashworth

Report Generator

I have just completed 16 reports in 17 and half minutes nearly 1 minute a report. Thank you for creating such a fantastic programme.

Happy Maths Teacher, Liverpool

Report Generator

The main thing we don’t have as teachers is time, and when reports come along on your to-do list, you want a quick and efficient way of getting that job done, and this system does just that.

Mr P Hughes, Mathematics Teacher

Report Generator

Oh my god I LOVE THIS!!!

I can’t pick a fault with it, I think the reports sound personal too which is exactly what you want. I like that it can regenerate incase your not 100%.

Mrs H Rose, History Teacher

Report Generator

It’s a really impressive tool and saves a tonne of hassle. I showed a colleague the generated report and she commented on how ‘real’ it looked. It doesn’t look generated at all, very articulate and it flows. I then noticed that if you click on it more than once it gives you an alt version. Very nice!

Mr W Hughes

Relaxed, Private Tutor

The wealth of lessons in Maths Kingdom provides my tutees with excellent knowledge & practice of their mathematical skills.

Happy Teacher, Liverpool

I use all the lessons Maths kingdom has to offer, in all my lessons. I now have my weekends free to spend with my family. I could not thank you enough.

Very pleased pupil

With the help of Maths Kingdom I successfully achieved a C grade 1 year early in year 10.



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