Report Generator

…The main thing we don’t have as teachers is time, and when reports come along on your to-do list, you want a quick and efficient way of getting that job done, and this system does just that….

NO more spending hours looking through word banks or searching the web for different versions of the same sentence.

We have created the ultimate end of year report generator for Maths teachers

19398653763840 possible reports created. You no longer need to worry about two reports being identical.

You have complete control over each students report. Simply enter a number between 1-5 and the report generator does all the work. Cutting down writing reports from hours to minutes.

You can comment on

  • Attitude to learning
  • Behaviour
  • Homework
  • Equipment
  • Assessment percentage
  • Progress
  • Effort
  • Development sentence

Download a demo of the report generator here (remember there are 19398653763840 possible reports that can be created the demo allows access to a very small percentage of these reports).

To gain full access to the report generator you can choose from the single user or site licence (for Schools).

You can download a user guide here

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